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Yeah, they are definitely evil...


They are SO right on the dot that people are blaming the President Obama for doing everything wrong (when OTHER factors are the cause).
I remember when fucking George W. Bush go voted into the White House, everything went to hell. And no matter how hard I TRIED to tell people why I don't support him and stuff, I was expected to STILL back the guy because 'he's the President' or 'Oh he didn't WANT to be one!' as if that was an excuse to be sympathetic to him. 
Now here is Obama doing what other Presidents failed to do, and I love him, but I see people slinging a lot of mud at him just because, and I believe, he's Black (actually biracial).

God, where is an online voting poll, so I can vote for Mr. President AGAIN!? I'm stuck in Japan, and want to take part in blocking damn Romney and his backwards ass here.

EDIT: And, OH S**T! 


Not good, fellow POCs and LGBTs. If they REALLY will do this, the US is definetly going f-ing backwards.