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Oh Angry Asian Man, I'm starting to have a crush on you... Err, I mean, not only you but the awesome AA articles your bring in.

This one, I pretty much agree with, and rings true for me similarly:


The thing is, when I'm in Japan, with an exception of a few people and my relatives, I have trouble conversing with actual, native Japanese because I'm pretty different.... My Japanese goes from decent to just bad. Some days I'll be okay hanging out with other Japanese people... while other days I'm relieved to be with other foreigners or people that can speak English well. Being a person with different worlds is a good advantage, but I've always felt disadvantaged and somewhat alone...

And this one (no surprise):


Why, oh, WHY is it that every time we over-run a school, it's considered 'too Asian'? That's the same excuse I can make about the American entertainment industry being 'too white'!

(And, ya know, even though people stereotype us as 'hard-working,'... The biggest irony is, that while I'm attending Manga school here in Japan, instructors tell me to 'not get so worked up/not to worry/have fun/don't have to work TOO hard!/etc... (well, okay... maybe one instructor in particular that didn't say those...)' when I'm working on an artwork... because I have the biggest habit of being a perfectionist. And to the point...that I work too hard, I end up exhausting and stressing myself off, and become lazy for a bit until my energy is recharged. Because apparently, in Japan, working slowly (unless otherwise stated) is preferred and not too hard is preferred.)

And, oh, oh, I would laugh at this, if this wasn't too facepalm-worthy and racist:


Waaaay to 'diffuse' the situation by crying 'IT WASN'T MEANT THAT WAY!!!'
Yeah, not buying the president's faux 'apology' and his racist assumption. Because dude, Facebook tells where the heck you are located, and I assume the customer here, is an AMERICAN too!