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Remember this post I made? : http://neurotic-rat.livejournal.com/23499.html

A Korean-American adoptee puts it in perspective on why Cloud Atlas and yellowfacing is disturbing and damaging as hell:

Dear Arizona,

Besides the intensely, deadly hot weather that I REALLY hate and cannot step out because it is death to me, what I REALLY hate about you is your damn government. Not only how you made Racial Profiling law, but now THIS:


Seriously, SERIOUSLY? The guy wants a divorce, and it is, in my view, VERY legal. But just because he was a woman before, and married to his wife, it's considered ILLEGAL? What? So it's okay for a 'real' man to divorce his wife, but if its a FTM transgender, it's ILLEGAL? Who created that, and who decided that? You? FUCK YOU ARIZONA!

Signed, a very unhappy ex-Arizona resident

If people think dressing up as other races is in the past, THINK AGAIN! *points to the above* That is fucking gross.

Oh, so it's alright to hire us 'Asian Exotic Beauties' (aka the REAL Asian Women), but not any actual Asian Guys? And, in THIS creepy, offensive get-up no less?
I might as well support movies in which POC put on White Face (Ex. Themae Roma starring Abe Hiroshi as a Roman) just to spite these people.
Because of what I have been reading of this white author's comments, (in which she is clearly avoiding the issue and putting her fingers in her ears), I am not sure if this will do any good...
Apparently, this is an 'open letter' (not exactly a petition, even though that was what I thought it was at first) is suppose to make her stop publishing her book or make her admit that what she wrote is racist and wrong.


Only 33 signatures, sadly.

If anyone wants to, you are more then welcome to boost the signal and repost this. 


Guess who went to Odaiba and saw-----

Yes, it is, the real (replica of a) Gundam that I took a photo of! Would have posted the other pictures, but this one shows just how TALL it is compared to these people here.
While there, they had a Gundam Shop and Cafe (didn't go there, as I was more interested in walking around the area). Plus I also managed to catch a live radio program with guest singer Angela Aki, and I saw her in the the flesh! I had wanted to visit Odaiba, where the well-known Fuji TV Television Station was located at since I went there when I was young (and managed to see some programs being filmed on location while there). Of course when I arrived there, I forgot that July 16th was 'Ocean Day' which was a national holiday in Japan, and it was crowded as heck. Didn't mind much though. Pretty much a good day, even though it was hot.
So, I was reading about how Seiyuu (Voice actor), 'Yusa Koji,' better known as 'Urataros' of Kamen Rider Den-O fame, and Bleach's Gin, got a divorce. And given the rate of how pretty much all straight-relationships are pretty much failing left and right, kind of left me not so surprised.

Then... I just HAD to read the comments, and this one got to me (from the user #7 bhl88):


Yeah, you read that right.

If I was registered there, I would have replied with a 'Yeah, and you Americans and other western (white, male) assholes go after us Japanese girls because we're 'Japanese Geisha Dolls' for you and considered SO easy to control and obtain. Your point? Oh and hey, your people's culture also has women going after men with a lot of money too! So therefore, your comment is invalid."

But, no... I won't because why waste time registering and end up not using the account afterwards, just to pick a fight with stupid, ignorant anime fans there?

だからそんなコメントを見ると、アメリカ人のアニメファンは時々イライラと嫌がってしまう。本当、アホだあの野郎。*rolls her eyes*


Via Facebook, one of my friends linked two of these links about a woman who was starting a Kickstarter program for this project on videogames and women portrayed in them.
Not surprisingly, the more entitled men and their sexist, misogynist privileged asses showed up, and escalated to...
Well, just read these links yourself: (TRIGGER WARNING as these comments, especially in the SECOND LINK DO contain references to rape, sexual assault and other wishes of bodily harm to women. Viewing discretion is advised)

(First that brought the story)

(The screencapped and unedited post that shows over half of the comments)

If you want to donate, her Kickstarter project is here:


So far, over $90,000 have been donated surpassing the initial goal of $6,000 and it's still probably going to grow more, due to in part to the responses of those 'Youtube users.'

Also glad to see that there are some (respectable and understanding) men getting just as appalled in seeing what those people said, and chipped in to show their support too.
Crossposting from:


The International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia
There are many things happening on and around this day to try and fight against the evil that is homophobia and transphobia.Their site has a long list of excellent sources.

What I ask on this day is for people to stop. Simply stop.

Stop engaging in homophobia and transphobia

Stop heterosexism and cisexism.

Stop tolerating homophobia and transphobia.

Stop saying we’re less

No matter how minor, if someone says that GBLT people are worth less than straight, cis people, then they need to stop.

We will not make homophobia and transphobia go away simply by concentrating on people who throw bricks at us. Those people do not exist in a vacuum, they do not spring up put of nowhere. They exist because we have encouraged them – every day when we say gay and trans people are less, every day when we make those not-even-funny jokes. Every “no homo”, every “that’s so gay” every casual slur, every little slight; every time there’s another long debate on whether we’re due equal rights, every time another religious leader stands up to explain our sin, every time another leader tell us how wrong we are; and every time you are silent when you hear these, when you see these – this creates the bigots who beat and kill us. This puts the blood on your hands.

The hate does not exist in a vacuum. It is because we, as a society, agree to that hate and encourage that hate. When TV programmes still include vapid gay jokes and stereotypes, but we get outrage at gay kisses before the watershed. When priests explain why we’re not due humanity, when MPs rage and debate whether we’re due equality, when people rise to high office despite an unrelenting record of hatred, when every second of every minute of every hour of every day when we get disparaging slurs and contempt that people will not remove from their language – this is the soil in which hate grows, this is our society’s agreement to hate.

Stop agreeing to homophobia and transphobia. Stop encouraging it. We can’t continue this ridiculous charade of having homophobia and transphobia on every channel, in the pulpit, in the newspapers and in the Commons and then turn round in shock that another GBLT person has been kicked out by their parents, has committed suicide, has been hunted down in the street and beaten and burned and killed. We can’t cry the crocodile tears and say how horrible it is when every other day of the year we cheer lead for it.

Stop homophobia and transphobia. Stop it – don’t do it, don’t encourage it, don’t tolerate it.

Adventures Living off the Rez

The best thing in reading about other POC and their experiences, is definetly from their POV:


I really, really love this article because it pretty much reminds me of some of my experiences. Her quote in particular struck me a lot:

"It’s also become apparent that wherever I go in mainstream society, I will be expected to be a representative of my Tribe and Natives in general. I regularly receive questions related to my race and nationality.

A few times, that has happened to me. I'm not First Nations, but I can similarly relate to the feelings there.

Being Japanese, I feel that because I am THAT nationality and race (not to mention the depressing history associated with it) that I am expected to know EVERYTHING about my culture and people. The problem is, I was born and raised in the US more, and know about that country than Japan. Again, I have visited Japan a lot of times but never lived there... Which a lot of America people (POC and Whites alike) assume that because I visited, equates to living there.
I would LOVE to answer questions about Japan, us and our way of thinking, but the problem is, I'm more likely to answer questions about America to native-Japanese people then to Americans about Japan. And that's in regards to food.
So every time I see people talk about Japan and US (people) like they know everything, despite having never been there, never meeting us face-to-face, or knowing what we are like, well... let's just say, those people have no idea how many times I either want to type out a counter-argument or just want to use a giant tuna fish and bash their heads with it. Why I do not respond? I'm just a Japanese-American that has no idea what native-Japanese life and thoughts are like.