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Grave of the Fireflies turns White


No, no NO! Studio Ghibli (or whoever was responsible in handing over rights to OUR story)! WHY would you do that?!
The animation version was really good and devestating already, and this whitewashing is going to be devestating in a VERY terrible way, because it focuses on the 'Poor White people' narrative again! Nevermind that POCs have it hard, and NEVER have our stories told, and get one-sided villianized!

Not seeing this if it EVER goes through!

Philippines's War on Internet Censorship

Okay, spreading this around because I know that people from around the world helped in trying to get SOPA, PIPA, and other internet censorship bills from passing. This passed in the Philippines... from a very stupid government official there, no less. Please reblog, repost, anything to spread the word!

From Tumblr:


Also, sign the petition that is linked in the post above (I did, because the whole world is connected to the worldwide web in every parts of Earth)!
Oh Angry Asian Man, I'm starting to have a crush on you... Err, I mean, not only you but the awesome AA articles your bring in.

This one, I pretty much agree with, and rings true for me similarly:


The thing is, when I'm in Japan, with an exception of a few people and my relatives, I have trouble conversing with actual, native Japanese because I'm pretty different.... My Japanese goes from decent to just bad. Some days I'll be okay hanging out with other Japanese people... while other days I'm relieved to be with other foreigners or people that can speak English well. Being a person with different worlds is a good advantage, but I've always felt disadvantaged and somewhat alone...

And this one (no surprise):


Why, oh, WHY is it that every time we over-run a school, it's considered 'too Asian'? That's the same excuse I can make about the American entertainment industry being 'too white'!

(And, ya know, even though people stereotype us as 'hard-working,'... The biggest irony is, that while I'm attending Manga school here in Japan, instructors tell me to 'not get so worked up/not to worry/have fun/don't have to work TOO hard!/etc... (well, okay... maybe one instructor in particular that didn't say those...)' when I'm working on an artwork... because I have the biggest habit of being a perfectionist. And to the point...that I work too hard, I end up exhausting and stressing myself off, and become lazy for a bit until my energy is recharged. Because apparently, in Japan, working slowly (unless otherwise stated) is preferred and not too hard is preferred.)

And, oh, oh, I would laugh at this, if this wasn't too facepalm-worthy and racist:


Waaaay to 'diffuse' the situation by crying 'IT WASN'T MEANT THAT WAY!!!'
Yeah, not buying the president's faux 'apology' and his racist assumption. Because dude, Facebook tells where the heck you are located, and I assume the customer here, is an AMERICAN too! 


So, apparently, vandals went through a HUGE amount of trouble to do this kind of infuriating work, just because of a (possibility) that they do not like the fact that their history would be screwed in their westernised superiority. In other words, Europeans were NOT the first people to develop a language: It was the First Nations that did.

Why am I not surprised? But at the same time, I feel very sorry for the people who discovered that and find out a group of assholes destroyed it. Ugh... 

Dear Disrespectable Jim Sturgess,

Guess what, not ALL Asian women find your yellowfacing 'hot.' This one in particular is NOT amused, is offended, is creeped out, and is FUCKING disgusted that you DARE accept and put that disgraceful get up while also mocking the actual Asian guys!
If I had a fucking Twitter, I would SO tell you all that to your face, while gifting you a lovely art of me, an actual Asian lady, kicking your (white) man bits to the fucking moon.

The Asian guys I find hawt are (and, if anyone can find some Asian-American guys, because all I know are the ones from Japan... ) :

Commence my Asian (Japanese) guy bias visuals:Collapse )

In short, Mr. Sturgess, I do not find your yellowfacing 'attractive.' I find these guys more attractive, k-thanks bye!

No 'me love you' loves, from an Asian-American woman. *puts up the middle finger at him*

...In that god damn offensive Cloud Atlas movie that everyone is too blind to see beyond CG graphics and stuff.


Wish I could tell it to his face, that him portraying an Asian guy in make-up is creepy as hell, and if I ever met him (or any other white guy) in that get-up and he tried to approach me, I would DEFINETLY kick them in the nuts very hard, and run like hell.

Sorry, REAL Asian men are better looking then some shitty, yellowfacing make-up, Hollywood (and the actors that accept doing that shit)! 

Yeah, they are definitely evil...


They are SO right on the dot that people are blaming the President Obama for doing everything wrong (when OTHER factors are the cause).
I remember when fucking George W. Bush go voted into the White House, everything went to hell. And no matter how hard I TRIED to tell people why I don't support him and stuff, I was expected to STILL back the guy because 'he's the President' or 'Oh he didn't WANT to be one!' as if that was an excuse to be sympathetic to him. 
Now here is Obama doing what other Presidents failed to do, and I love him, but I see people slinging a lot of mud at him just because, and I believe, he's Black (actually biracial).

God, where is an online voting poll, so I can vote for Mr. President AGAIN!? I'm stuck in Japan, and want to take part in blocking damn Romney and his backwards ass here.

EDIT: And, OH S**T! 


Not good, fellow POCs and LGBTs. If they REALLY will do this, the US is definetly going f-ing backwards. 

Not goin to lie, this has happened to me both offline and on. Sometimes my Asianess plays a factor, and other times not so. 

Transgenders targeted for hateful ads

Though, I disagree in the article that ads targeting against Gay and Lesbian ads have gone down nor people are more accepting, I'm almost not surprised. It's like after certain 'out of the box' individuals are not primary targets to hate on anymore, let's move on to the next 'weird' individual to hate! 


If I see some politician using ANY type of hateful ad whether it is or 'not' racist or sexist, I am SO not voting for them.
...You know, I wonder if I should have revoked my voting rights if they keep on doing shit like this.

Boosting for AKIRA (fan-made project)

To HELL with Hollywood's whitewash adaption!


I can't chip in since I'm still a student, but for those that can, please go to their website (that is underneath the video) to donate!
If you can't, you are more then welcome to link this, tweet it, or whatever social media to connect and spread the word on this.
Since mainstream media refuses to think and get with the times, independent (and fan-made) projects are definetly the way to go!