The Many Moods of a Wannabe-Artist


Neurotic Rat

Walking the path of actually becoming a Japanese comic arti--I mean... 'Manga-ka' to all you crazy and scary Japanophiles and weeaboos out there. (You jealous? XD )

Journal is 'Friends Only,' because I actually post some things of Japan (while I'm staying here and studying) AND my (anime-styled) WIP drawings. Plus the occasional 'amusing insights' as a Japanese-American living in Japan and experiencing not-so-shocking-but-shocking-anyways cultural shocks.
Not unlocking it because, sorry... Lets just say, some very entitled 'weeaboo brat' made the assumption that us Japanese 'only exist in Japan!' and ticked me off. Because One, I AM Japanese, but a Japanese-American. Two, me typing out in my damn good English, means we exist, alright? Three, and I am usually a nice person unless you did the above. Which leads to...

I also do not friend people, unless I have met and talked with you before, or you are a cool enough person not to use me as some... Japanese Person trophy (aka 'The Japanese that knows stuff about Japan') that some anime-obsessed, rude weeaboo thinks it's so cool to do.
If you are interested, please ask me (and know that my journal contains rants about issues in all things POC and LGBT too, if you are okay with that).

---My so-called 'philosophy' is, use a Gundam when the bigots, racists and other idiotic a**holes get on your nerves. Just imagine that, and you'll probably feel better afterwards (Or, replace 'Gundam' with some other weapon/mecha/etc of your choice if that doesn't suit your imagination).---